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Books & Materials Donation Guidelines

Thank you for your donation! We gladly accept media donations during the month of May.

Books MUST be free of mildew/mold, and dirt. They should not exhibit excessive spine damage, have missing pages, or covers. Books cannot have water damage. They should not have had library treatments or part of the book’s pages removed with scissors or razor blades.

No Textbooks, Magazines, Encyclopedia sets, or really old books.

For media, sets must be complete and cannot be missing the original case art.

What Will Acton Public Library Do With Your Donated Books/Media?

If we do not have the book/media on our shelf and feel our patrons will use it, we will catalog and shelf the donation.

If we do have the book/media, or we feel it will not be of use to our patrons, we will add it to our collection of books/media for the next book sale in June. All book sale money goes to our general fund for purchasing new books, paying bills and offering programs.

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